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Whitepaper: When Carriers Win, Shippers Win

Tackle the Driver Shortage with Human and Data Insights


The American Transportation Institute projects 175,000 open truck driver spots by 2026, and Millennials aren’t lining up to join the profession. There’s a lot of talk in the media - and the supply chain industry - about this driver shortage and its significant impact on shipping speeds and quality. But what if the problem is more than meets the eye?

In this exclusive whitepaper from Transfix, the leading digital freight marketplace, we question the assumption that more drivers will automatically fix nationwide shipping challenges - and offer expert solutions for actually solving them.


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  • Industry-wide inefficiency is the real root cause - and how simply adding more drivers isn’t a long-term fix
  • Shippers stepping up to improve the carrier experience is a crucial part of the solution
  • Smart, actionable use of data at scale can eliminate the inefficiencies that are holding the industry back